Chip McFarlane

Chip McFarlane

The Executive’s Coach

“ No individual, team, nor business these days is immune to increasing waves of change.

Like the tide, they come whether we want them to or not. The only decision is how to respond. As with skillful and successful surfers, true leaders are actively riding the waves of change. They see waves as opportunities, and turn them into sources of energy, inspiration and positive transformation.

And you?

“ I’m a Master Coach helping Leaders and their Teams navigate the growing complexity of today’s business environment.

Having 13,000 hours coaching experience with an executive level focus, I am a Master Certified Coach. My clients span a variety of industries including banking, tech, pharmaceuticals, infrastructure, NFP, and multilateral service organisations. My coaching world is without borders, having coached in the US, UK, France, Spain, Singapore, Hong Kong, China, Japan, Korea, Ethiopia and Australia.

Like an adept surf teacher, as your Coach I will partner with you
to put yourself on the right side of the wave.
Find enough space and freedom inside to act, not react.


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