Chip Mc Farlane Executive's Coach Portrait

Executive Coaching

Ready to navigate
the wave of change
and to journey unexplored
ways of leading?

We hold up a mirror to your work that allows you to make the right decisions to transform what has to be transformed and to reinvigorate your sense of purpose.

You will be encouraged to discover, discern and change your mindset, allowing you to be more conscious. You will gain inner power and fluidity, and become someone who can better listen and include others.

Together we will navigate polarities in a constructive way: profound and light, fun and serious, seen and unseen, concrete and abstract, macro and micro, past/present/future,…

Troublesome passages
always have an end.

Activate the change now

Through a series of 1:1 meetings (face to face, by phone or electronics), I create a thought-provoking and action-oriented experience that creates tangible results.

Through highly customized executive coaching, I help you to see clearly your situation, to increase your stability and strengths, to maximize your focus and energy, to enhance coherence and confidence, to ensure you get to where you want to go, even through the storm…

Ready to start ?