Chip Mc Farlane in a mediation time in a park


What if you really understood each other?

As a mediator and a peace ambassador, my focus is on transforming the quality of the relationships across your organisation.

In multinational organisations, different cultures, languages, and even geopolitical influences may create misunderstandings. Such conflicts affect individuals, teams and the organisation as a whole.

When two individuals, teams, or divisions are in conflict, and have difficulties communicating with each other, it is critical to transform the quality of their relationship.

Let’s rediscover
the art of real dialogue.

Unveil unity inside diversity

Through a series of individual and both party inclusive meetings (in-person or by electronics), I help you to create the space to understand each other.

Mediation is not a negotiation. It is to get two people to the point that they are able to engage with each other, to create a pool of shared meaning, promoting reconciliation.

I work with both parties to ensure that their voices are heard and that their needs and emotions are truly expressed and considered.

Together we discover unity beyond diversity. Magic happens when we allow others to be different, and when we recognize, respect, and accept this difference.

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