Chip Mc Farlane Executive's Coach Portrait watching nature


Shamanism leads us back to the origins, to our inner source of empowerment and to the sacred source of life.

It profoundly changes the way we see the world and the way we live: It is a beautiful invitation to enlarge our perspectives about life, to go beyond many illusions about happiness, power, success…

It is direct and simple.
Through its practice,
we take root on mother Earth, here and now.
We nurture attention and real presence. Because everything is interconnected, interdependent
we see the magic of life everywhere! Yes it is truly magic!
We learn to connect to ourselves, our inner power,
to find our inner compass, to uncover our intuition.
We become more authentic, respectful and confident.

Clarity resides in Simplicity.
Power resides in Humility.

On this path, you will be stronger and more awake, whatever might happen in life’s journey.

I conceive tailor-made individual and group experiences in wild places all around the world: Australia, Mongolia, the UK, USA, Hawaii… for individuals, leaders, teams.