Chip Mc Farlane Team Coaching Session in Sydney botanical Garden

Team Coaching

Does your team need a fresh boost?

During our co-creative journey, customized to match your culture, I help you to explore dynamics between team members and between the team and its environment.

Your team impacts the organization and its stakeholders.

The priorities we focus on are:
To invigorate communication
To grow in strength, well-being and effectiveness collectively
To create the best environment for the team to flourish.

Cultivating conscious leadership
gives direction and purpose
and is transformative
for you and your team.

“ Unlock potential of your high potential team and of your organisation

Through a series of meetings (face to face, by phone or electronics), I fluidly guide the leadership team through its growth journey.

The growth of the leader is also a catalyst for the team. Strong and healthy teams are created by strong and healthy individuals. I work with leaders, boards, teams and stakeholders and propose facilitated journey on and off-site.

Through the process you gain agility, anticipate the future needs of your stakeholders and initiate impactful action.

Together we travel out of your habits, old perspectives, old dynamics towards bigger ideas, different ways of thinking and new ways of working.

Ready to start ?